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The Toll Community Centre
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The Toll Centre is home to a number of user groups and local organisations.


Burntisland Playgroup

The playgroup is set up in the Main Hall, which is bright and welcoming, and can accept up to 24 children. The group benefits from an Outdoor Play Area to supplement the facilities in the centre.

Open five days a week from 9.15am until 12.25pm, they accept children aged from 2 years 10 months.

The Playgroup is a voluntary organisation run by its own Management Committee. It is supported by an active group of parents who fundraise and help raise the profile of the group. A new committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting, usually held in October, from parents/carers of the children attending the group.




Burntisland Out of School Service (BOSS)

BOSS operates Monday to Friday, offering an early morning club from 7.45am and an afternoon service from the end of school day until 6.15pm. Children are escorted between the school and the Toll Centre. During school holidays and on in-service days, BOSS runs from 7.45am until 6.15pm.

BOSS is a registered charity run by Charity Trustees. An active group of parents, together with their child care practitioners, support the charity by fundraising to help raise their profile and fund the organisation.

Click here to access the BOSS website.



Tai-Chi classes are run for Beginners on Thursday afternoons from 1.45pm till 2.45pm.


The Wednesday Social Club meets on the 2nd and 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7pm in the Main Hall. This club is open to all over 50s and transport can be provided.



Dunfermline Athletic Football Club (DAFC) Soccer School meets on Saturdays and runs two sessions:


  • 9.00am till 10.00am for P4 to P7 children.
  • 10.00am till 11.00am for P1 to P3 children.


 Toll Centre. Burntisland SCO 16430 
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